Equipment for asbestos /
legacy contamination removal,
and general hazardous
materials handling

bacterial oil cleaners
oil cleaners
cleaners for fire- and water damage refurbishemt

bacterial oil cleaners, bacterial fibrous web cushion, Artic oil cleaner

ARTIC 1003
Bacterial oil-cleaner for hard and porous surfaces Package size: 1L, 5L, 20L
ARTIC 1006
Bacterial oil-cleanerr for asphalt and tar, Package size: 1, 5L, 20L
ARTIC 1009
Bacterial gel for removing oil soiling on flint, gravel, etc., Package size: 30 KG
ARTIC 1012
Bacterial all-purpose oil-cleaner for all surfaces, Packaging: 5L, 20L
ARTIC 1015
Bacterial carded web cushion for oil removal from water basins (e.g. oil separators), 1 piece
ARTIC 1018
Bacterial, low-foam cleaner for degreasing and Oil cleaning with pressure cleaners and for use in parts washers Package size: 5L, 25L